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You can schedule a session by phone: 701.751.3351

or by email.  I am available 

Tuesday- Saturday

What to Expect

Expect to have FUN! This shouldn't be a stressful time. I love working with kids & am always willing to be silly to get that genuine smile!

After the Session

Depending on the time or your schedule, we can either do the order right away or a different day. Either way, I like to include you in the decision making

What if...

Whether windy or your kiddo missed a nap, I always make sure to capture the essence of your child. I will offer a re-shoot if need be. 



Which Collection?

The biggest decision in choosing a Collection is if you want digital downloads from your session. Once that is decided, then choose the amount of sheets you would need. My Collections are designed to best suit your needs. 


I do my best to accommodate to your busy life & schedule. If we need to order at a different time, that is just fine.I can help you through the process by email. There is also the option of ordering in the studio the same day. 


I offer clean up with my edits. Meaning, if your kiddo may have some food, boogies, or owies; I can fix it. Or if you're like me, bags under eyes, the shine fixed, or any blemishes taken care of. Also, I do put my own little twist on the images to enhance.


Once the collection is complete, I have a Pro Lab I send out to & the turn around is 1-3 days! If you order any canvases or gallery blocks, I will get those to you in the following weeks. My products are designed to stand the test of time so they will be with your family for years to come.

2020-SheetOptions copy.jpg

Digitals Only

Digitals will be fully and softly edited. When I am finished, they are print ready. I will send a link to your email and you can download them directly to your computer. You will have a print release included with downloads. This process can take 1-5 business days. 


© Expressions by Michelle Photography   |  400 E. Broadway Avenue Ste. 410 Bismarck,ND  

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